COVID-19 has affected us all, but more so in the remote villages of North Sumatra. With no hospitals and limited medical facilities prevention is everything! Volunteers are visiting families to explain the virus and how to protect themselves, and are providing soap and flyers to share vital health information with their extended family. Information banners are being displayed in public areas too. Every $200 we raise provides soap and information flyers for 200 households - that’s 800 to 1000 people! Any support you can give will save lives! All Australian donations are tax deductible - you will automatically receive a tax receipt when you donate using this link. 


Bukit Lawang is an incredible community in Sumatra, Indonesia which relies heavily on tourism. Unfortunately now, because of Covid-19 restrictions, the tourist industry has collapsed.

With no crisis income support available, this has left people with no income, unable to provide

for their families. This is an incredibly supportive community who rally together, but they need

our help to get through this pandemic.


 Therefore alongside CareSumatra & The Jungle Soccer Program we are raising funds to provide food packages for orphans and the elderly who do not have any support system to make it through this time. A food package of 5kgs of rice, 1 litre of oil and 36 eggs will feed a family for over 1 week for just £5.50 (GBP)/ $7 (US) / $10 (AUD).

Please consider donating whatever amount you can afford and share

this with your family and friends.